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Twick ow twit!

November 2, 2008 Leave a comment

My office held an event at 31 October 2008. In the event calendar, which Social Committee announced from view months ago, that day would be “Kid’s Day” which the children of the employees will come to the office to see their parents working. According the seniors, the last Kid’s Day, about four or five years ago, there’s nothing special about the decoration and the costumes. It is just any other working day with kids around us. So people at my department didn’t take so seriously about the decoration. My boss and I just prepare candies and trivia questions as a little game. But I was amazed in the last minute before the events because many lawyers decorate their room with Halloween accessories and some of them wearing costumes. It looks like they had a great preparation for all the Halloween things. And then I think 31 October is Halloween Day. Isn’t it? Woops sorry I am an Indonesian and Halloween it is not an Indonesian event or tradition, so I didn’t take care or giving attention of it, unless somebody told me. Owh well.

Everything is just doing fine, even finally my boss and I cancelled the trivia games, until one group passed our department and skipped us. I was upset because my boss and my seniors were standing there and the leader of the children’s group didn’t arrange the kids to our room. They skip us just like we didn’t exist! Ouch…

After that unpleasant moment, one of my senior gone to the main board room, just sit, having chat with someone, and stay there during the event. She told me, there would be no any use to stay longer at our room because our department had been skipped just like that.

Thank God, the next groups didn’t skip us hahahaha. Me, my boss and my male senior gave the children candies and stickers on their cheek or hand. And then, my boss go to the gym, so there is only me and my male senior whom just gave candies and stickers. Yes, just two of us. I am really appreciate him because he stayed in our room, to show that we are exist hahahahaha. So I stay there too, giving more candies and stickers instead going home or gone to other room just like my female senior do because of that unpleasant moment. It was fun, even our room didn’t decorate properly and we didn’t wearing funny costumes. Happy kid’s day or happy Halloween, or whatever hahahahaha.

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